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How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Have you ever participated in a debate or been in a debate room? Did you witness how people opposed and proposed the motion? Both teams suggest claims trying to prove what they are stating is right and not that of the other. They also provide evidence to support their claims. An argumentative essay is more similar to a debate. It seeks to state a position on an issue or a problem and give reasons to support it. As the name suggests, the primary aim of an argumentative essay is to argue or debate about a subject. To write an essay, you first need to understand the topic. Secondly, you need to take a stance or a position on the stated topic and explain why you choose to take that position. You cannot choose to oppose and propose the subject. This will show that you do not understand what is necessarily required. Additionally, your audience will not understand what you are trying to communicate since you are undecided on which side to take. To write a good argumentative essay, you ought to either approve or disapprove what is stated in the topic. This will enable your audience to understand why you have taken that position since you will provide reasons to support your assertions. To write an argumentative essay, consider the following tips:

  • Pick a topic. Find a debatable topic which you can take a side on. Additionally, your audience will either choose to agree or disagree with you.
  • Take a stance. Stating your position on the topic in discussion will show that you have authority and firm about your position.
  • Begin your introduction with a strong hook. The introduction is the first paragraph your audience will read once they have your article. To enable them to develop an interest in your paper, start your introduction with a strong hook which will catch their eye.
  • Provide background information. This will enable your audience to comprehend the issue being presented much better. They will have some knowledge of the issue being presented thus able to understand what you are trying to communicate. Additionally, background information helps you explain and argue your point.
  • Provide reasons to support your take on the subject. To show how dependable and firm you are about your stance on the issue, you need to provide evidence to support your assertions.

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